In July 2016, CBRE Research Asia Pacific published a ViewPoint entitled The Rise of Co-working Space in Asia Pacific: Boon or Bane. The report tracked the rapid growth of co-working space across the region and explained how the industry’s new approach towards office design is facilitating better collaboration and interaction in the workplace.

A year on from its first report, CBRE Research believes that the increasing importance large occupiers are placing upon flexible corporate real estate solutions is set to spur some modifications to the traditional long term fixed lease model and drive new demand for co-working.

The past 12 months have seen several major transactions by large occupiers committing to memberships in co-working centres and numerous other cases of corporations placing staff in co-working spaces as a means by which access their community of members.

This report examines the growth strategies adopted by co-working space operators in Asia Pacific over the past year; pinpoints the factors driving multinationals’ use of co-working space; and explains how co-working centres are playing a key role in facilitating interaction between large corporations and start-ups, placing them at the forefront of the evolution of a new business eco-system.

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