The Greater Bay Area – Wide Range of Investment Opportunities

The GBA development plan will create vast opportunities for the real estate sector. Authorities have set aside 700 sq. km. of development land in the 13th Five-Year Plan for future development. These land resources will not only facilitate economic growth, but also represent opportunities for property developers and investors as well as corporate occupiers planning to tap into the metamorphosis of the GBA.

Property investors investing in the GBA should consider the following strategic factors:

  1. The GBA is a dynamic economic region; There are a broad range of asset classes to suit different investment objectives.
  2. The integrated development of the GBA will result in different development prospects for each property type.
  3. As the GBA seeks to enhance its high-value-added industries, the demand for quality office space will grow, making it the most promising sector for investors. The launch of new infrastructure will energise the logistics sector, triggering stronger demand for warehouses. Population growth and the formation of new travel zones will drive the retail property market.
  4. Institutional investors may consider cities that will benefit from government initiatives; the ease of travel into and from the city; the potential growth of its tertiary industry; the expected expansion of its talent pool and population; and strength of a spill-over effect.
  5. Projects related to city rejuvenation may be an alternative option for experienced local investors.

The Distribution of Reserved Land in the GBA in the 13th Five-Year Plan Area


Source: The 13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China

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