Every place of work should be a source of competitive advantage.

 From productivity, wellness and safety, to engagement, recruitment and brand health, the workplace directly contributes to business results. Across office, retail, laboratory and manufacturing environments, CBRE believes that better business performance begins with better workplace performance. To offer perspective on putting the workplace to work for your business, we have developed a three-part thought series, Better Business Performance Through Better Workplace Performance, examining the strategic issues affecting the workplace.

Explore CBRE’s Workplace Thought Series below.

CBRE Workplace Thought Series

Aligning the Workforce and the Workplace

Real estate can be a significant competitive differentiator for Occupiers in the race for talent. Here, we outline the steps organizations need to consider when identifying optimal locations to attract and retain the right talent to enhance competitiveness and drive bottom line performance.

Designing the Workplace Experience

The way we work is evolving, challenging companies of all types to rethink their approach to space and the workplace experience. Here, we look at the trends shaping the physical workplace and best practices in performance-led workplace design.

Building Competitive Advantage

Real estate serves as a tangible expression of the strategic decisions a company makes. Here, we focus on holistic real estate management approaches that organizations take within the broader business context for utilizing the workplace to help drive better business performance.

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