Precise management of resources, timelines and data is critical for driving complex real estate transactions that deliver superior outcomes and bottom-line performance. TransAct, CBRE’s customized transaction management solution, meets this need by enabling real estate professionals to stay fully informed on all transaction activities through a centralized, web-based dashboard and real-time, customizable reporting.

CBRE TransAct’s comprehensive project management and tracking helps power operational efficiencies, better team collaboration and streamlined workflows across the entire transaction management process. 

Key features include: 

  • MANAGE: Centralize transaction management tasks in one easy-to-use tool.
  • TRACK: Gain visibility into critical dates and other key portfolio information.
  • REPORT: Run customizable reports specific to individual user needs.
  • EMPOWER: Enable better decision-making through advanced mapping and market analytics.
  • MEASURE: Compare benchmarks and KPIs to ensure optimal performance.

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About CBRE's Technology Suite

TransAct is a flagship tool within CBRE Vantage, our Suite of Enablement Technologies. With proprietary data across all asset classes, coupled with our people’s unrivaled global expertise, CBRE Vantage powers superior outcomes for every client we serve.