The right office space can help you hire competitive talent, keep your employees healthy, reduce operating costs, and create the perfect conditions for the next big idea. Each goal has a direct impact on how much space you choose to occupy, but the task of creating a highly customized workplace that meets your goals can be daunting. That's where Spacer comes in.

Determine the right amount of space for your next office.

Receive your free custom space recommendation in minutes using Spacer.


Key features include


  • CBRE’s expert perspective on work space planning for employee engagement, productivity, and efficiency
  • Custom office profiles that reflect the unique qualities and characteristics of your workplace and organization
  • Interactive program-editing capabilities that reflect updated results in real time
  • Save and Share feature - come back to your program later or send results to a colleague
  • Integration with CBRE’s 2D and 3D floor plan visualization
  • Free and easy to use, no login required

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