Historically, the test-fitting process—evaluating, planning, rendering, and validating an occupier’s use of space—has been costly, cumbersome and slow. Changes to a test-fit can result in rounds of revisions, incremental costs and ultimately, frustration.

Introducing Plans Pro, a browser-based enterprise test fitting and 3D visualization tool that helps teams make better, faster decisions around new and existing space using custom design standards. The tool enables you to easily view, edit, visualize, manage, and download test fits in real-time, in their browser. Plans Pro offers ultimate editing flexibility and customizability, allowing you to upload your specific design standards in both 2D and 3D, including furniture assets, room naming and smart room filling logic, and 3D finishes.

Benefits include:

  • Faster test fit turnaround with support from a dedicated production team and an intuitive test fit editor
  • Ability to customize all 2D and 3D furniture assets, room filling algorithms, and naming conventions so that test fits satisfy any company’s unique needs and reflect their custom design standards.
  • Improved client buy-in with the use of 2D test fits and instant, 3D walk-throughs that effectively communicate the look and feel of a space across audiences
  • Quick assumption testing that allows ideas to be tested in new and existing spaces and can be shared easily with stakeholders
  • Easy access across teams Plans Pro is available in English in every market.

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About CBRE's Technology Suite

Plans Pro is a flagship tool within CBRE Vantage, our Suite of Enablement Technologies. With proprietary data across all asset classes, coupled with our people’s unrivaled global expertise, CBRE Vantage powers superior outcomes for every client we serve.