The right location is critical to a successful real estate strategy. CBRE developed Dimension to bring the location story to life. Dimension helps clients visualize the impact of potential real estate decisions by combining proprietary data, market knowledge, client requirements and multi-media content with highly-visual, leading-edge mapping technologies, giving them the insight necessary to confidently make faster, more educated decisions.

  • CREATE: Develop interactive maps, virtual site and property tours and 3D market overviews with the latest data sets.
  • ANALYZE: Explore the environment through rich demographics, retail spending information, segmentation, employment data and competitive landscapes.
  • SHARE: Tell a more compelling location story through highly visual maps, images and multi-media content.

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About CBRE's Technology Suite

Dimension is a flagship tool within CBRE Vantage, our Suite of Enablement Technologies. With proprietary data across all asset classes, coupled with our people’s unrivaled global expertise, CBRE Vantage powers superior outcomes for every client we serve.