Visualizing a built-out space, even with the help of plans and renderings, can be a challenge. Tenants want to understand what it will look like, how it will ‘feel’ and how it will serve their business. Introducing CBRE’s Build, a videogame-like 3D interactive technology that redefines the experience of visualizing space. With Build, real estate professionals and tenants can explore properties from every angle, visualizing spaces that do not yet exist or are being repositioned for specific needs.

Using Build, teams work closely with developers and architects to build a virtual 3D model that turns sketches, photos, floor plans and CAD plans into bespoke 3D experiences. 3D rendered spaces are delivered and explored via an easy to access and shareable website. CBRE’s Build helps tenants imagine possibilities, experiment with space and turn ideas into reality.

Key features include:

  • CREATE: Build offers bespoke, mobile-optimized 3D experiences, recreating existing spaces, visualizing remodeled spaces or demonstrating planned sites that have not yet broken ground.
  • EXPLORE: Virtually tour environments in fully interactive 3D, exploring both the space and exterior environments from any remote location.
  • CUSTOMIZE: Highlight a property’s key areas, features and views that make it unique and desirable.
  • SHARE: Send 3D experiences via web links and embed them into sites and presentations.
  • REPURPOSE: Create additional content and collateral, including screenshots, 2D renderings and promotional videos.

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About CBRE's Technology Suite

Build is a flagship tool within CBRE Vantage, our Suite of Enablement Technologies. With proprietary data across all asset classes, coupled with our people’s unrivaled global expertise, CBRE Vantage powers superior outcomes for every client we serve.