CBRE has a world-class global supply chain that delivers measurably superior global and regional outcomes for our clients and our colleagues. We are committed to working with suppliers that bring innovative and sustainable solutions to our organization so we grow stronger together.

Working with us

CBRE supplier relationships are built on transparency and mutual understanding, achieved in large part by our onboarding process. We use three distinct but complementary mySuite technologies for onboarding to the CBRE business.


mySource (Powered by Zycus)

Online Bidding, Contracting and Supplier Performance

mySource is CBRE's global Source-to-Contract suite that streamlines our sourcing processes and enables informed decision-making through robust analytics. Participation in mySource is required for RFPs, contracting and supplier self-evaluation activities.

What mySource does


What mySource Gives Suppliers

  • Allows suppliers to take part in invitational e-sourcing bids
  • Simplifies the RFP process with built-in standard RFP templates in key categories
  • Creates a level playing field with e-sourcing transparency
  • Enables easier and faster SOW development through MSAs across the regions
  • Provides more business opportunities
  • Includes Strategic & Preferred Suppliers in Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) events, which offer two-way communication and additional opportunities for suppliers to action feedback


How to Register in mySource (Zycus)

Step 1. Register in mySource. Access to Zycus is by invitation only and you will be invited to register by your CBRE contact. Your CBRE contact will also help with the registration process which may include requesting information about your company to begin the registration process.

Step 2. Create a user profile. When you complete your registration, you will be asked to create a personal user profile that will be associated with your company and linked to CBRE. The email address you use will be your permanent Zycus User ID.

Step 3. Access the Zycus Supplier Portal if you are currently registered by clicking HERE. Please note that if you register as a New Supplier, your request will not be processed.

Thank you for learning about CBRE’s Source-to-Contract technology, Zycus!


Supplier Onboarding and Compliance Management

mySupplier ensures all registered CBRE suppliers meet our minimum standards for health and safety, environmental and social responsibility, insurances, permits and CBRE policies and standards.

What mySupplier does


What mySupplier Gives Suppliers

  • Brings suppliers into a unified global platform where CBRE buyers and approved suppliers can come together, making it easier to communicate and generate business opportunities
  • Allows CBRE buyers to have confidence in using pre-qualified suppliers for internal and client needs
  • Provides a residual risk rating (based on supplier responses) for all suppliers and advises on remedial actions for those suppliers that do not meet CBRE’s minimum standards
  • Highlights suppliers who qualify for our Preferred Supplier Program to encourage selection by CBRE buyers

Technology Ecosystem

Depending on mySupplier responses, some suppliers may be invited to register with our external qualification partners for a more detailed assessment. This can include:

Health and safety, insurances and general risk management
Health and safety, insurances and general risk management
Environmental, social responsibility and sustainability aspects

This tool is essential to long-term development with CBRE. Registration is strongly recommended.

How to Register in mySupplier


Step 1. To register for mySupplier you must be invited and approved by your CBRE contact.

Step 2. Once approved to register, you will receive an email from mySupplier with comprehensive instructions on how to set up a user IOD and password and how to log in to complete your registration.

Step 3. All instructions on how to register, and the supporting documentation you will need to upload into mySupplier is provided with the new supplier walkthrough once you log onto the platform.

Please recognize the registration process is comprehensive and will take around 1 hour to complete and we recommend you prepare all supporting documents before you commence.

If you have been provided with a username and password please log in here.

myBuy (Powered by Coupa)

Our World-class, Cloud-based P2P System

myBuy is CBRE’s e-commerce solution for purchasing, invoicing and payments.

What myBuy does


What myBuy Gives Suppliers

  • Provides faster payments
  • Enables quick and easy invoice submission
  • Flips purchase orders into invoices
  • Offers leading P2P platform and user experience for Amazon-like buying with catalogues, rate cards and contracts that highlight preferred suppliers and products/services
  • Provides 24/7 access to invoice status in real time
  • Allows users to quickly identify preferred suppliers and encourages users to select a preferred supplier before submitting a purchase order