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CBRE Cares

"CBRE Cares” describes our company’s commitment to the community and the shared value we bring to others through focused projects and collaborative networks of giving. As the company’s corporate giving and volunteer organization, CBRE Cares leverages the passion and talents of our employees around the world to create real benefit for those in need through community outreach and support, disaster-response initiatives, and locally driven, regionally sanctioned programs.

CBRE Cares is supported by CBRE Foundation, a nonprofit, public benefit corporation that funds our company’s philanthropic initiatives. Click here to learn more:



CBRE Employees

CBRE employees, click on Local Fundraiser to donate to small fundraisers in your office. For CBRE Cares programs and special events, click directly on the related DONATE button.

Local fundraiser

Matching Gift Program

Regional Partnerships

Action for Children
Plan International
Walk for a Wish

Building on Compassion

Donate today to one of our dedicated CBRE Cares projects, where employees join hands with our community partners to build greater compassion into the world.

The Green Machine Campaign

Join CBRE’s campaign to plant 10 million trees and enhance our tree canopies throughout U.S. communities. Get involved by becoming a Green Machine ambassador—reporting the trees you have planted, sharing an idea for a tree-planting event or making a donation. As little as every $1 donated is the equivalent of one tree planted, and brings us closer to our goal. To learn more, email [email protected]

CBRE Shelter Program

This program allows CBRE employees to partner with national housing nonprofits to participate in rebuilding projects at homeless shelters, transitional housing and private residences in markets across the U.S. The program aligns the company’s philanthropic works with its business by focusing on improving housing opportunities for those in need.

Birthday Cakes and More for Homeless Children

Through this CBRE signature program, employees deliver personalized cakes to homeless children to help them celebrate their birthdays. Since its inception in 2001 and subsequent U.S. expansion in 2004, the program has grown to serve more than 76 shelters in 53 cities.

Disaster Relief

An important component of CBRE Cares is the collective effort of our employees to participate, either directly or financially, in support and recovery efforts within regions impacted by disaster. Along with providing financial aid, CBRE has been on the ground in locations of critical need, from Southeast Asia to the Caribbean. Recent hurricanes and other events, such as the wildfires in California, makes your donation to those in immediate need even more essential.